Thursday, September 2, 2010

Latest Happenings at Cabiokid

Dear friends, partners and permaculture colleagues,

Have a look on our video presenting Cabiokid's community and social projects:

At Cabiokid foundation, we integrate permaculture ethics (take care of earth, take care of people and sharing) in our work and in all our activities. Community development is part of principles that we apply.

For 4 years now, Cabiokid organize EKOLARO program every Saturday afternoon for the kids of the community. Even if they are living in the countryside, they do not always realize the importance of environment and nature. EKOLARO program has for goal to show them how nature can help us. Cabiokid proposes to the kids fun activities inside the farm to learn about and to enjoy nature. Our wild life, rice land, vegetable garden and forest made a beautiful landscape with a judge biodiversity and give a chance to the kids to observe and understand the relations in nature.

With the help of the Bouworde youth camp from Belgium, Cabiokid built 2 bamboo buildings in Santa Rita Elementary School (Cabiao) and in Palasinan Elementary School (Cabiao). With the increasing numbers of students in the public schools, Cabiokid provided new places well designed to give classes.

Since May 2010, Cabiokid is developing a project with the women of the community. We set up the WEAGG (Women Environmental Action Group of Guapito) who has for goals to improve the quality of live of the family by developing livelihood and take care of environment in the surrounding.

Inspired by Cabiokid site, WEAGG and Cabiokid are cleaning the street, cleaning the canal and planting flowers and vegetables, every Saturday morning. In the future, we would like to build a waste management system, build a place for the kids to play and adults to talk. Our dream is simple: build a place where nature is back, where you can breath and dream. Last week we began our food processing livelihood project. WEAGG women prepare some Filipino specialties and sell it in the area. In the future, we would like to train them on food processing but also on recycled bag making to diversify them livelihood.

To increase our impact on communities, Cabiokid gives trainings 5 times a year on permaculture. The permaculture design certificate courses give bases to start community projects in a sustainable way, integrating all component such as people, earth, nature, energy,…

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Perrine Collin
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